Can’t Resist Your Charm

In this Massage episode we have Eric who comes for a relaxing massage.  He meets Kortney Kane, a very sexy bruentte with nice big tits and round sexy ass. He tells her that they owe him some cash for all the past deliveries that he has made that they never paid for. Eric gets sick of waiting for her return so he goes upstairs and catches her in action in the shower. He gets into the shower and she fast soaps him up and rubs him then she goes right to his hard cock and begins to blow. After this she takes him to the mattress where she slides her sexy wet body up and down his back. She rolls him over, blows and strokes his hard dick and works it with all she has as she milks every drop of cum out of him while he cums all over her. That was an amazing massage with a huge cum blast at the end.
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Cowboy Massage Time

Soapy Massage
Soapy Massage Body Rubbing
We have a special episode :  A real cowboy who hurt his back in a rodeo contest. He decides to get a relaxing massage to see if it would help with the back pain. When he comes for his appointment he meets the beautiful Stevie Shae. A very sexy blonde masseuse who can’t talk to much and quickly takes him to the bathroom and he explains his back pain to her. She takes his clothes off, strips herself naked and takes him to the shower for washing. After she rubs his body down she can’t help but begin fast blowing his hard dick and gives him some great head then takes him to the mattress. After she rolls him over onto his back and starts kissing him while he slides a finger into her wet pink pussy he feels so amazing then he cums quickly and hard.
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Hot Massage – Here Come The Germans :)

In this Soapy Massage video episode we have a gold dealer from Germany, Chris who is in town for a couple of days for work. When he comes for his appointment the amazing brunette Brandy Aniston greets him and takes him to the bathroom. She gest naked fast for him, showing off her beautiful body and amazing huge boobs. She takes him to the tub where she uses those amazing boobs to rub his body. She goes down and begins stroking his dick as she asks if he can hook her up with any free jewelry. Then Brandy moves them to the mattress where she soaps them both up and slides her sexy pussy and ass all over his. After a nice rubbing she gives him some great blowjob that gets him so horny that he shoots his warm sperm right into her sweet mouth.
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Soap Me Up Baby – Petite brunette masseuse

21088_052 21088_087
At Relaxing Massage Parlor Seth tells the brunette masseuse that he just wants the regular massage so she takes him to the bathroom and lets him to get her naked so he can watch her perfect petite body. Then she strips him nude and takes him to the shower where she washes his body and lets him put his cock between her perfect boobs. From the shower they head to the jacuzzi where Ryder Skye grinds on Seth’s dick making him so hard he could pound nails with his cock. After that she takes him to the mattress, covers them both in soapy bubbles and slides her body up and down his. He is so horny that Ryder decides to give him a nice treat and moves into a 69 position so he can taste her wet twat while she blows his hard dick. All this ending with a huge cum in the mouth.
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Now That’s Inspiring Soapy Sex

In this Hot Massage video we have Alex who is an artist. He wants some female inspiration so he went to massage parlor a friend of his suggested. When he met his hot masseuse Madelyn Monroe, a very sexy brunette, he was very enchanted. At the begining they went to the bathroom and he explained he was looking for a muse to paint something nice. She wanted to inspire him so she stripped naked and let him watch her beautiful body. After a nice soapy shower she leading him to the jacuzzi where she rubbed his body, stroked his cock and let him explore her perfect body. Then they moved to the mattress and took that extra step to convince him and let him slide his hard cock into her wet sexy pussy. He banged her deep and hard then just as he was about to cum she pulled his cock out and milked her perfect body with warm sperm.
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Oriental Massage and Happy Ending Style

20968_009 20968_020
In this episode from SoapyMassage we have Dick who made his appointment with Pink who is a talented and experienced petite thai masseuse. When they get to the bathroom our boy gets naked and gets in the shower while the sexy asian chick joins him in a bikini. It doesn’t take long and Dick has her bikini off as he rubs her perfect boos and feels her tight twat. She takes him to the bathtub where she rubs his body and shows him her adorable blowjob skills. Once she has him standing at full attention she moves the fun to the mattress and brings on the warm soap. The asian masseuse ends up on top, grinding her pussy on his cock then she slides back, wraps her hands around his dick and strokes him hard until he cums real hard.
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The Damn Boss – Small tits blondie is a wild massage expert

Ok…watch this Massage video and see what’s happening.When this dude shows up for his appointment he meets the beautiful teen blonde Callie Cobra who takes him to the bathroom, gives him a nice kiss then gets naked. The beautiful blonde has an amazing body that he can’t keep his hands off of as the climb into the tub. She washes his body and teases his hard cock then climbs on top of him and grinds her twat pussy against his dick. She flips around and shocks him as she rubs her pussy into his face while she clamps her mouth around his cock and starts to blow. Our boy get so horny because in short time he explodes and release his warm cum all over her sexy body.
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Pimp My Penis At Massage Parlor

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A really hot episode from Soapy Massage : This dude comes in town to visit his brother who decides to treat him with a very nice erotic massage. The sexy masseuse Melanie Masters washes his body off then has him sit on the stairs while she blows his hard dick. After some very hot cock sucking she takes him to the mattress where she pours the creamy soap all over both of them so she can glide her fine body up and down his. He had never felt anything as beautiful as having this hot blonde chick slide her body on him for some serious skin on skin 69 action. She has him turn on over onto his back and slides a little more on his front then she goes back to stroking and blowing his dick. The lucky boy is so horny he can’t last long and cums right in her soft sexy mouth.
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Love Those Tits

In this video we have a football player who was suffering from a lot of pain at the game and decides to visit a Massage Parlor. Anita Blue is a very sexy blonde masseuse with nice big tits. She led him to the massage room and get naked in front of him, showing him her huge boobs. She pulled down his underwear and the size of his cock brought a smile to her face. Then both go into the shower to get their body washed, but the sexy blonde couldn’t keep her hands off his dick. Once they reached the mattress she covered them both with nice soap and slid her body all over his. She was so excited on that she slid down and started sucking his hard dick. After this hot massage his pain was gone.
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Divorce Depression and a great Oriental Massage

19791_052 19791_107
After a hard divorce this dude was upset about the whole process and breaking up. He decided to lift his spirits by treating himself to a nasty massage. When he arrived at the massage parlor he met his masseuse Elaina Raye and as they headed towards the room he told her his troubles. She stripped them both nude and took him to the hot shower. The dude ran his hands all over her great soft body and knew right then that getting this massage was the right thing in this time. Then both go in the jacuzzi where she stroked his dick and let him slide his fingers inside her sweet, pink pussy. He finger fucked her until she came which made her really want to fully satisfy him. Her great hot body sliding up and down his had him so hard he could drive nails with his dick. She grabbed his hard dick and blow him until he came on her pretty face.
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