Divorce Depression and a great Oriental Massage

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After a hard divorce this dude was upset about the whole process and breaking up. He decided to lift his spirits by treating himself to a nasty massage. When he arrived at the massage parlor he met his masseuse Elaina Raye and as they headed towards the room he told her his troubles. She stripped them both nude and took him to the hot shower. The dude ran his hands all over her great soft body and knew right then that getting this massage was the right thing in this time. Then both go in the jacuzzi where she stroked his dick and let him slide his fingers inside her sweet, pink pussy. He finger fucked her until she came which made her really want to fully satisfy him. Her great hot body sliding up and down his had him so hard he could drive nails with his dick. She grabbed his hard dick and blow him until he came on her pretty face.
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