Now That’s Inspiring Soapy Sex

In this Hot Massage video we have Alex who is an artist. He wants some female inspiration so he went to massage parlor a friend of his suggested. When he met his hot masseuse Madelyn Monroe, a very sexy brunette, he was very enchanted. At the begining they went to the bathroom and he explained he was looking for a muse to paint something nice. She wanted to inspire him so she stripped naked and let him watch her beautiful body. After a nice soapy shower she leading him to the jacuzzi where she rubbed his body, stroked his cock and let him explore her perfect body. Then they moved to the mattress and took that extra step to convince him and let him slide his hard cock into her wet sexy pussy. He banged her deep and hard then just as he was about to cum she pulled his cock out and milked her perfect body with warm sperm.
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