Keep It A Secret Sexy Redhead From SoapyMassage

In this Soapy Massage episode we have Bill who comes for his massage appointment and is excited to see that his masseuse this week is the very hot Dani Jensen. This redhead chick used to be Bill’s sister’s best friend and he has always thought she was sexy. He looks a little worried about her giving him a massage so she assures him that he will have fun with her. She get naked and after some great blowjob she lays him down on the mattress and soaps him up. She gives him a very hot, deep rubdown then has him roll over onto his back. She slides into a 69 with him driving her wet twat into his face while she clamps her mouth down on his dick.
Soapy Massage and Great Blowjobs !!!

Soapy Massage – Releasing The Pressure

Soapy Massage - Releasing The Pressure
Soapy Massage - Releasing The Pressure

Joey comes at the Soapy Massage Parlor hoping that the massage can take away his stress and pain. His masseuse Chyna takes him to the room and immediately gets naked so he can watch her amazing hot body. She undresses him while he feels her wonderful boobs then she takes him into the hot shower. She rubs his body, but she can’t keep her hands or mouth off of his dick so she gives him head in the shower before taking him to the Jacuzzi where she gives him some more head. This sexy girl knows how to blow dick and she loves doing it. She crawls out of the Jacuzzi and takes Joey to the mattress where she covers both their bodies in the soap and slides up and down on him. Her tight, sexy body rubbing against his is more than he can handle so when she wraps her lips around his dick and gives him some more of that amazing blowjob he can’t hold back and cums in her talented mouth.
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